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Cafe Prague is located in the Outremont neighbourhood in Montreal.

Our address is the 1317 Van Horne avenue, H2V 1K7 (corner Outremont street) .




We are open

Mon-Fri 7h - 19h
Sat 9h - 18h
Sun Closed



Breakfast and brunches

Our breakfasts and brunches are unique in Montreal.

Salty or sweet, traditional and new, come and experience Czech food in Montreal.

We pride ourselves in the refinement of our products and attention to detail.

Café Prague is a definite stop for the connoisseur and food lover in you.



Perfect espresso and delightful latte

Serving great coffee is what led Benny & Martina to open Café Prague.
A beautifully restored 1965 Brugnetti & C. lever espresso machine is the owners pride.

It slowly pours a shot for you to savour while you gently wake up.

Are you in need of a perfect espresso? Our bar has room to relax and listen to classic jazz while we prepare your coffee to go.

Good things come to those who wait!

Chlebíčky or Czech Tapas

Chlebíčky or Little marvels as we call them, come in a wide variety.

This Czech version of tapas are enjoyed anytime of the day.

They are the perfect complement to our Czech beer and imported wines.




From his passion of restoring old American muscle cars to his love of refined coffee, Café Prague is his lifetime passion project coming alive.

Interior designer by profession and amateur photographer, Café Prague is her creation and heritage shared with you.

Classically trained in the art of pastry and chocolate in France, Romain has worked in the most renowned restaurants around the world. He adds a french touch and fusion to Czech classics.


Relaxing beauty Cafemachine

Art of the perfect coffee Cafemachine

Our little marvels Cafemachine